There are a multiple number of organizations and firms that offer valet parking operations for their visitors, tourists or guests. Valet parking is a kind of parking service which is offered by big stores, restaurants or other different kinds of businesses. In this case a person has to park a car which is attended by an individual called valet. A valet is generally an employee of the organization, or an employee of a third party valet service. On reaching the parking, the keys may be handed over to the valet, who will park the car on your behalf.

Valet parking operations are generally available in metropolitan domain and is considered most useful, where parking is insufficient. So some of the top-quality businesses provide valet parking operations as an optional service, even though self-parking may also be available. The ultimate advantage of valet parking service is to save the valuable time of customer who is searching for a parking space, by parking their car on their behalf. This service is either charged or offered free of cost to the customers.

Valet Parking Operation Includes:

  • Customer: A user wants to reserve a parking area after being validated by the parking system, this system will automatically generate a reservation form for the customer. The customer need to input and submit all required data like date, time and duration of parking reservation. After submitting the required information the system will validate and store the submitted data and create reservation for the user.
  • Valet Service Provider: Valet service providers pick up the visitors vehicle and park them according to the allotted parking areas.
  • Administrator: If a registered customer wants to update their account related information like email, password, address, card details, etc. The system will offer a form with their existing data after authenticating the customer. The customer mention whatever the changes they want to update and then submit the form. The system administrator updates all the information and save it in the database.

Why Valet Parking?

  • Most of the shopping malls with high traffic volume generally result in full parking spaces. So few malls provide paid valets to park the visitor’s vehicle at a temporary parking location or a reserved parking lot. Once the valet receive the key, ticket is issued to the driver. Upon the return of visitor, the valet will drive your vehicle back to the valet booth.
  • Vehicles will remain safe when watched over by parking valets. The ordinary parking services leaves your car open to various threat like accidental destruction, robbery, etc. but valet parking will ensure your vehicle returns in perfect condition.

OmnyPark as a valet Parking Operator offers valet parking services are generally offered in shopping malls, airports, hospitals, factories, cinema, restaurant, hospitals and other parking facilities.